COMMUNITY PROTECTION DEPARTMENT10154315_10152380644924271_1065013610884532209_n

  • Civic and community engagement at the local state level and federal level.
  • Voter engagement and mobilization in order to give an equal voice and representation that really reflects the diversity of our ever growing and changing community.
  • This Department is committed to involve all people in the decision making structure in their own communities and giving them the tools and knowledge to know and the defend their own rights.
  • Fights for pro-immigrant legislation, such as the DREAM Act and Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and against anti-immigrant legislation, such as SB 1070(Arizona), that puts the security and well being of our communities in jeopardy.
  • FIEL Houston Inc. follows the guidelines and statues that are set up under the 501c3 guidelines thus, we are non-partisan.
  • Our loyalty is to our people.



  • Guiding students in attaining financial aid for higher education institutions and applying for college and or university.
  • We help ALL students regardless of their immigration status.
  • Providing opportunities for first time immigrant students to obtain higher education and succeeding in whatever                                                                                               goals that they decide to pursue.
  • FIEL Houston assists with the process for applying to college or a university and with the process of applying for financial aid.
  • We assist anyone who is in need of guidance or assistance when applying for college and financial aid.
  • We do assist resident and citizen students but our specialty is the undocumented student population.



  • Helping people gain access to resources to obtain a status in the United States.
  • Providing resources for immigrants to gain access to citizenship.
  • We have an established headquarters which houses our legal department.
  • We have experienced attorneys to assist applicants in the process.
  • We do most immigration cases
  • Resources in obtaining citizenship and preparing for the citizenship test.
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