Continuing Education

The key to our community’s success is education. FIEL believes that with the correct resources, our community can thrive. First, we must emphasize the importance of accepting and understanding our roots. Then we should move to embrace who we are as a community and what we can provide to each other for a better future. Finally, we must instill in our future generations the power of academic education for the betterment of our people.

While our main goal is to provide resources for undocumented students, we also understand the path to college is unsteady for many first and even second-generation Americans. Our office is open to anyone seeking guidance in their process of obtaining a higher education.

Assistance With:

  • Applying to College
  • Applying to Scholarships
  • Financial Aid (FAFSA/TAFSA)
  • Staff trainings
  • Counselor Trainings
  • ISD Trainings
  • Educators in Higher Ed Seminars


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