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“For families and their Education”

Founding board 2007

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Immigrant Families and Students in the Fight is an immigrant led civil rights organization who advocates for just laws for immigrant youth, their families, access to higher education for all people regardless of immigration status & access to justice for our community.

We at FIEL believe in the American DREAM. We believe that it is in this fundamental principle in which we can build upon and better the lives of all people in the United States. We believe in social justice and in civic participation to make these goals to be achieved.

DACA Press Conference 2012

The United States is a country built by immigrants. It is a country with much diversity and culture. Each aspect of American culture is influenced by immigrants. It is for this reason that we believe that immigrants are essential to every aspect of U.S. Culture.

Further we believe that all students are entitled to an education. It is for this reason that we push for laws that benefit students to make education accessible to all regardless of social economic status or immigration status.

We also believe in justice for our community no matter their circumstances. We fiercely advocate for our community to guide them in the challenges they face in their daily lives, whether it is the fight for comprehensive immigration reform, housing or disaster recovery.

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Rally at Plaza Guadalupe, Houston, TX
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