Why I will march on April 10th 2013

This morning as I was driving into the office I saw a group of workers, with lunch boxes in had, running down the street on their way to a popular day laborer corner. It reminded me of the days when I worked as a day laborer organizer… What an eye opening experience. to hear the stories the issues and all the obstacles our brothers and sisters have to face on the daily basis. It reminded me of why i do the work that i do.  Why not a single more child should be separated from their parents.  Why our immigration system is broken.  Why people migrate in search of a better life, in search of food for their families, in search of dreams. many of us have lived very privileged lives and we really do not know about suffering. it would be easy for us to forget to stand around and do nothing…. BUT I REFUSE. I refuse to sit around as families are suffering. I refuse to sit around while workers are being exploited. I refuse to sit around as the voice of a crying community is silenced.  I refuse to pretend like none of this is going on. Which is why tomorrow I march.  Which is why tomorrow WE march. We will raise our voices and be heard. We will stomp our feet and be heard.  We will let this nation know that neither I, we, our us are invisible.  That we are human being who deserve rights dignity and respect… We will march…. Will you join us?

Cesar Espinosa

Date: April 10, 2013

Place: 1400 Smith Houston, TX ( corner of clay and smith)

Time: 11:30am

More info: http://www.houstonmarches.org


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