PRESS RELEASE: FIEL stand with Reentry and Reunification Act of 2018




Cesar Espinosa




Alain Cisneros (Español)




FIEL Stands with the Reentry and Reunification Act of 2018

[Houston, TX] On Friday April 6, 2018 at 11:00am at Congressman Al Green’s office ( 3003 S Loop W. Houston, TX 77054) FIEL will stand with Congressman Al Green, and Rose Escobar in support of the Reentry and Reunification Act of 2018. Congressman Al Green, Rose Escobar and FIEL Spokespeople will be available for comment immediately after the press conference.

Jose Escobar’s case is a case that FIEL Houston worked on in 2011. With the help of community members and prosecutorial discretion from ICE he was granted temporary deferred action on his case but was told to report to ICE on a yearly basis for regular "check ins". For the last FIVE years the Escobar family lived with the uncertainty of having to go check in with ICE after he received bad legal advice for a pending order of deportation. When they went to ICE on the morning of February 22nd 2017 they were made to wait 7 hours. At the end of the interview process Jose’s wife Rose was told that her husband was being detained for "not trying hard enough" to fix his status. We are relaunching his campaign that can be found here: . Jose has not committed any crimes and was brought in when he was just 14 years old. He came into the country in 2001 and is eligible for DACA. Congressman Al Green has supported the Escobar Family in this very arduous process. The Congressman has even visited Jose Escobar in his native El Salvador to let him know that no matter where in the world he physically is "He is still a constituent"- Congressman Al Green

" We applaud Congressman Al Green for demonstrating leadership in these troubling times and taking the necessary steps to introduce this very important bill. We will immediately begin to seek support for this bill since we understand the importance of a piece of legislations like this. We hope that this bill moves forward and that it gets the necessary support it needs to be approved and ameliorate the suffering of many US Citizens who are suffering from family separation. " -Cesar Espinosa Executive Director FIEL


FIEL: Immigrant Families and Students in the Struggle is an organization that advocates for just laws for immigrant families,

access to higher education for all people regardless of immigration status and for the rights of all people in unjust situations.

Twitter: @fielhouston


photo Phone: (713)364-3435
Email: cespinosa
Address: 6610 Harwin #214 Houston, TX 77036

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