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[Houston TX.] The Grinder Group Director Frank Rodriguez conducted COVID testing in the Harris County area, refusing to pay essential workers and stealing wages from many days of work. FIEL Houston has been able to recuperate a big amount of stolen wages for approximately 65 people totalling about $100,000. After FIEL protested in front of the company headquarters we were able to meet with the CEO and restitute a lot of people. Unfortunately more workers have come forward and we are now working with 20 additional employees who have not been paid. Mr Frank still owes over $180,000 in wages and we want him to take responsibility for it.

The first mediation meeting with this company was on Thursday April 14, 2022 between affected employees, families, and FIEL because of the treatment by their ex employer The Grinder Group

The modus operandi is a practice that can be catalogued as "CONSPIRACY, THE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE, WHITE COLLAR CRIME" . This is why employess will gather at Frank Rodriguez’s house to demand pament and give him an ultimatum to pay. This is the first of many actions to come until the employees are paid for their work.

WHAT: FIEL Houston and covid test collectors protest to demand payment of their salary

WHEN: Thursday, September 20, 2022

WHERE: 5919 W Harrow Dr, Houston Texas 77084

TIME: 10:00 AM

This same company has had trouble in the past: 6 Investigates: Drive-thru COVID-19 testing facilities and patients’ personal information

Essential workers who worked as COVID test collectors will be available to give their testimonies and demand justice.

In our last action we shared how Frank Rodriguez would abuse workers.

Mr. Frank Rodriguez uses these tactics to recruit personnel to do tests. Some of the irregularities and hiring practices are the following;

  • They focused on looking for people without documents to carry out the tests

  • They were promised to pay 10 dollars per test, requiring a daily fee of at least 20

  • In order to have access the covid test collectors have to have two certifications, however the supervisors under Mr. Frank did the workers’ certification exams themselves including the HIPAA certification that they were charged for 25 dollars and the certification of Temporary Nurse Aide.

This company also did not comply with the collection guide and testing process causing many covid tests to be spoiled before reaching the laboratory

The Justice Department, Congressmen and the Harris County District Attorney should investigate this company that has misused federal resources to steal the wages of humble essential workers and amass riches for a few people at the expense of the pandemic.

FIEL: Immigrant Families and Students in the Fight is an Immigrant Led Civil Rights Organization that advocates for just laws for all families, access to higher education for all people regardless of immigration status, and for the rights of all people in unjust situations.

Twitter: @FIELHouston

Instagram: @FIELHouston


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