Family of Man Killed by HPD responds to newly released footage



Cesar Espinosa
Executive Director
CELL: 832-512-3733
E-Mail: cespinosa

Alain Cisneros (Español)
Campaigns Coordinator
Cell: 832-503-3689
Email: acisneros

Family of Man Killed by HPD responds to newly released footage

[Houston TX.] On Wednesday November 23,2022 at 11:00am at FIEL Headquarters (6610 Harwin #214 Houston, TX 77036) the family of the decease Alfredo Gonzalez Garza will provide reaction to the newly released police footage of the killing of their relative. Family members and FIEL spokespeople will be available for comment.

To see the video released by HPS Click HERE

" Once again our community is facing the loss of a community member who should have received help and not been hurt by a law enforcement agency. Alfredo Gonzalez Garza was a man who was suffering from mental health issues and was going through a mental health episode when he was slain by a Houston Police Officer. We continue to push for and amplify policies that will make it easier for people to obtain mental health so they won’t end up in these situations. We feel with for the families and at this time the family has more questions than answers."- Cesar Espinosa Executive Director FIEL

FIEL: Immigrant Families and Students in the Fight is an Immigrant Led Civil Rights Organization that advocates for just laws for all families, access to higher education for all people regardless of immigration status, and for the rights of all people in unjust situations.

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Email: cespinosa
Address: 6610 Harwin #214 Houston, TX 77036
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