Financial Aid


HB1403/SB 1528

  • HB 1403 is a Texas law that allows undocumented students eligibility to apply to any public college or university, pay instate tuition costs and receive Texas State Financial Aid.
  • This law was passed in 2001 and has since been effect here in Texas; benefiting an estimated 15,000 students every year in the state of Texas.
  • The requirements:
    • Must have graduated from a Texas high school or received the equivalent of a high school diploma or obtained GED in the state.
    • Official High school or College Transcripts and Diploma
    • Affidavit of Intent to Become a Permanent Resident (notarized)
    • Selective Service (males from the age of 18-25)
    • Tax Return W-2/ 10-80/ 10-99
    • *The affidavits can be provided at our office
  • Undocumented students and students with Deffered Action (DACA) should use this application.


  • TASFA: Texas Application for Financial Aid
  • The TASFA application can be found online but must be printed and turned in directly into the financial aid office.
  • The money the students receive is in the form of a grant issued by the state of Texas.
  • The dead line to apply is March 15 or April 1st. You must verify with the school.
  • Must maintain good academic standing to continue to be awarded this money.
  • Download the application here: TASFA-Application-2015-2016-English

* FIEL offers assistance in filling out your financial aid application. Contact us if you require help.

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