After two years of being separated from his family Jose Escobar is finally coming home!
Depues de dos anos de estar separado de su familia Jose Escobar Regresa a casa.

escobar 2019

We want to thank ALL people involved including the FIEL Houston team, Congressman Al Green, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, the Law Office of Raed Gonzalez, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY the Escobar family for not loosing hope and YOU for being their support!

Help support our work to bring other families together by making your donation here:


Queremos agradecer a TODAS las personas involucradas, incluyendo al equipo de FIEL. al Congresista Al Green, la Congresista Sheila Jackson Lee, las Oficinas del Abogado Raed Gonzaelz   PERO MAS IMPORTANTE  a la Familia Escobar por no perder la esperanza. y a USTEDES por ser su apoyo!

Apoye nuestro trabajo en reunir a otras familias haciendo su donacion aqui:


4 thoughts on “Escobar

  1. I know him and and his wife for several years,he has been hard work and very good friend. I am praying for him. God is Good

  2. Hang in there…..I will keep praying for your husbands return. I am sorry that you have to go through this. I will spread the word.

  3. I’am so glad your stroy had a good ending thanks to GOD !!! My husband was deported to Mexico for 10 years. 😦 I will be 10 years in July 2012 and I have to reopen his case and I hope it ends like yours !!!

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