Gustavo Rubio has turned himself in to the Houston Field ICE Office. This is a crucial point for this case since we need to do one last big push to help Gustavo. We are asking if you could please call Houston Field Officer Director Kenneth Landgrebe at (281) 774-4681. Whether you talk to him or to a machine here is what you could say:

“Hello, my name is __________________ I am calling in order to urge Field ICE Director Kenneth Langrebe to release Gustavo Rubio, A# 028617612, from detention immediately and allow him to stay in the country that he loves with his ill mother. My zip code is ___________, thank you. ”


Gustavo Rubio se acaba de entregar a la oficina de ICE de Houston. Este es un punto crucial para este caso por que necesitamos hacer un ultimo esfuerzo para Gustavo. Les estamos pidiendo si por favor pueden llamar al (281) 774-4681 que es la oficina del Director de ICE en Houston, Kenneth Langrebe. Si habla con el o con una maquina esto es lo que puede decir:

(*Tiene que ser en Ingles*)

“Hello, my name is __________________ I am calling in order to urge Field ICE Director Kenneth Langrebe to release Gustavo Rubio, A# 028617612, from detention immediately and allow him to stay in the country that he loves with his ill mother. My zip code is ___________, thank you. ”

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  1. Espero que nuestras firmas les ayuden! Mi hermano fue deportado hace dos años, dejando su esposa y sus dos niñas chiquitas! Mucha Fe

  2. i agree that this man should be with his family. HOWEVER, he is in violation of a federal law. This man doesn’t pay taxes. They should put his deportation on hold until he can attain legal citizenship.

    1. April, just wondering do you know personally that this man DOES NOT pay taxes? are you just assuming? this page was created for those who would like to sign the petition and HELP to stop him from being deported. If you don’t wish to help nor do you have anything nice to say then why are you on this page for? from reading your previous comments i can tell you must be an angry person maybe because of what you and you’re family went through. but speaking from my point of view and being a former illegal alien i was raised in Houston ive been here pretty much my entire life, i didnt become legal till about a couple of years now but i went to school i worked as well and I PAID MY TAXES just like you did, so it doesnt matter you legal status one who works should pay taxes. a majority of the families that are going through this crisis come to the united states YES illegally but they bring theyre families to have a better lifestyle a better future than they would in mexico or wherever they came from. so it doesnt give you the right to have anything negative to say nor judge him. You, yourself should know what struggle means based on the way things were growing up. educate yourself better regarding this topic before you blur out any more nonsense “should put his deportation on hold until he can attain legal citizenship” it takes a lot more than you can think of to obtain legal citizenship. with that being said good day! PLEASE STOP DEPORTATION, NO MORE SEPARATED FAMILIES!!!!!

      1. First of all Marlene, when does stating one’s opinion translate into me not “having something nice to say?” just because i have an opinion that YOU dont like, doesn’t make my comments not nice. that makes you a bigot. look it up. I understand both sides of the situation. i’m sure its difficult to obtain legal citizenship but that doesn’t mean he as well as others should commit a crime to better themselves. as one of my other comments said, just because i can’t afford something, does that mean i’m entitled to just TAKE it? i’m not here to be rude. i’m here to bring awareness that illegal immigration is a CRIME. rem.ember that. And when does having a strong opinion translate into being angry? are YOU angry because you feel so strongly that illegals shouldn’t be deported? no, you just have a strong opinion. so before you get yourself in an uproar, remember that we have the RIGHT to freedom of speech and opinion WITHOUT bigotry! so… with THAT being said, GOOD DAY TO YOU!

    2. Thanks for your carefully worded reply. I could not have said it better myself. As you stated, just because you don’t have something does not mean you simply take it. Therefore, just because your situations are bad in your country does not mean that you simply walk into another by defying their laws for legalization. I certainly respect and support your opinion.

  3. es un muchacho trabajador y respetoso,ojala que DIOS toque el corazon de estas personas y ya se aprueben las reformas migratorias a favor de todas las personas indocumentadas que solo van a trabajar honestamente para sacar a su familia adelante y que tambien ayudan a tan noble pais aportantando su mano de obra,si DIOS con nosotros,quien contra nosotros,bendiciones mil

  4. it IS sad how the system works. He DOES have the right to stay. IF he does it legally. If he’s such a hard worker and has truley done nothing wrong (except for enter a country ILLEGALLY) then he shouldnt have a problem gaining legal status. or at least work status.

      1. maybe so, but does that give him a reason to enter illegally? if i can’t afford a gallon of milk, does that mean i should just take it??

  5. Please don’t deport people with no criminal records spew rating families will never fix the broken immigration system!!!

  6. Please stop Gustavo’s deportation he did not commit any serious offenses and should be given a second chance.

    1. no “serious” offense?? was that an imaginary border he crossed illegally? PLEASE stop acting as if illegal immigration isn’t a CRIME.

      1. What would you do if your family was starving?! Or if you worked 12+ hours a day 7 days a week & STILL didn’t make ends meat to maintain your self or a family or better yet get an education?! Would you risk spending a months worth of expenses by applying for a visa or hire a coyote to take you to the “Pot of gold”?!

      2. just because he’s a victim of circumstance doesn’t give him the right to commit a crime.
        i’ve lived in a family that lost almost everything. where my mother had to chose between buying a loaf of bread or sending her daughter to school with enough money to buy lunch.
        should she have gone to the grocery store and steal groceries? or better yet, rob a bank to put food on the table? no she didn’t. and we got through it with the grace of God. I feel for this man an his family. but that doesn’t mean i support him commiting a crime. which is what illegal immigration is. A CRIME. remember that.

  7. I know this family for quite a while and I know they are a good working people..They do not harm no body but work like any hard working American..

    1. I’m sure he’s a good man. However, he IS hurting people by not contributing to the economy by not pay taxes like everyone else. Where people that truly need help with unemployment benifits or food stamps can’t get them because there isn’t enough money in the government budget. If these illegal immigrants were paying taxes, maybe our fellow AMERICAMS would not be struggling so much.

      1. It is a myth that the undocumented do not pay taxes.

        Stop watching fox news.
        American’s are struggling because corporations sent most of the jobs OVERSEAS. Start laying blame where it belongs. What job does an undocumented person have, that you want? Seriously? 99% of the time, they do the jobs AMERICANS are too PROUD to do.

  8. No one should be taken away from there love ones.. especially their mother who she needs him the most..

  9. No one should be taking away from their love ones.. especially their mother who she needs him the most

  10. Gustavo rubio es un hombre Muy trabajador resoetuoso tengo 4 anos de conoser y no es justo k una infraccion de trafico Lo kieran deportar.

  11. Es triste ver como separan familias que sólo han venido a trabajar, es muy triste q nos califiquen como criminales sabiendo q sólo hemos venido aquí ha trabajar o nos han traído a estudiar y tener un mejor futuro.

  12. It is sad to see more families being separated. Don’t deport him !!! My husband is detain and will be deported just because he dint have a license I have three kids and every time they ask me for their dad I fall into tears. STOP DEPORTATIONS!!!!! KEEP FAMILY’S TOGETHER.

  13. People making stupid comments they feel so superior to people that dont have papers, immigrants are the ones that spend the most money here we make this country work. us citizens begging for money in the streets stealing and killing thats ok i guess but what happens when hard working people get deported just because they were at work or going to work or not even that, getting pulled over for the reasln that he looks hispanic and might not have papers. i know plenty of us citizens that dont pay taxes that sell drugs are on welfare and getting unemployemnt thats the kknd of people this country dont need if you have papers work for your money and stop getting help from the goverment. illegal aliens dont get unemployment cant get medicaid and we all pay taxes when we spend money on cars food gas and anything we buy we give more to this country than some called us citizens we are willing to die for this country as if it was our own.

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