Updated on 4/02/2015

The next committee hearing will be held Monday April 6th 2015 at 11am at the Texas Capitol. for more information please call 713-364-3435

HB1403 Facts 

All children are vital to the Texas economy and to our communities.

  • All children deserve the chance for higher education.  Under H.B. 1403, undocumented students in Texas receive the same in-state tuition eligibility that any other Texas citizen receives: no preferential treatment.
  • Every dollar invested in Texas’ higher education system returns $5 or more to the Texas economy.
  • A RAND study showed that a 3% increase in the college completion rate by Latinos would increase Social Security and Medicare contributions by $600 million.
  • Money paid by these students who are attending college actually increases school revenues because it represents income that would not otherwise be there, given that 72% of students admitted under H.B. 1403 attend community colleges, which have a larger enrollment capacity.
  • With the help of immigrants, Texas has added over 1.7 million jobs in the last decade, and our unemployment rate is below 5%.
  • When Arizona repealed its in-state tuition legislation for immigrants in 2006, the University of Arizona had to pay outmoney to implement the changes; this was not a cost-saving measure.
  • Limiting in-state tuition eligibility would send an unfriendly message to Texas Latinos and Latinas; that’s not how we want to treat our communities, and it’s not the spirit of Texas.

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